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Our Restaurant

"Dakotah," a life-size metal buffalo sculpture stands guard outside the front door. Its massive figure cleverly hides nine other bronze castings including Mt. Rushmore, four buffalo, a pronghorn antelope, and a mountain lion. There is also a life-size bald eagle flying next to the buffalo's shoulder. Crafted by local artist John Lopez, "Dakotah" symbolizes the true spirit of the West and is the ideal steward to welcome guests to Dakotah Steakhouse.

Like the original structures built by settlers in the early days of Dakotah Territory, the steakhouse's rustic exterior is true to its Western heritage-natural bark siding, a rusted metal roof, and native prairie landscaping.

Inside, large wooden beams cross the high vaulted ceiling, carefully designed to provide soft acoustics throughout the restaurant. A great, three-sided fireplace stoked with a crackling fire rises in the center of the room, its mantle and masonry made with local stones. The multi-level seating areas offer guests a choice of dining in a cozy booth or at a custom-made Old Hickory table with high-back chairs.

To add a contemporary feel to the décor, glass partitions encasing small branches and twigs separate the seating areas. Lighting fixtures, designed and custom-made by a local artisan, match the partitions and enhance the Western-chic atmosphere of the main dining areas.

Private Dining

We also offer a private dining room, with seating for 10, which can be reserved for business meetings or special celebration events.